Events in December

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  • Dear Community!

    In December we have planed the well-known and popular winter events for you, which we would like to introduce here:

    Solorius Festival
    The Classic!

    The Shugo courier are not up for work, the Granker have erupted and particularly the Granker King makes us trouble!
    Now it's your turn! Help us to find the Shugo courier and Granker before the festival degenerates into a chaos. The event starts on Dec 1st, 2021 and ends on Dec 31st, 2021. As a reward you gets icon 186000177 that can be exchanged for rewards.

    Frozen Magic Event
    Collects snowballs and get very good rewards

    In the period from Dec 20th, 2021 to Jan 2nd, 2022 you can collect snowballs as worlddrop in Cygnea and Enshar with a certain chance. Moreover, each endboss of instances, which you can enter through Levinshor, Kaldor, Cygnea and Enshar, will drop snowballs for each player. You can enchant the snowball with double clicking or right click. After that, you obtain a higher snowball or a broken one. Additionally it is possible to obtain a snowball with two or three higher levels. The enchant rates decreases with each level and stops with level 10, the highest snowball level. At this level you receive a Icy Shard and a Brilliant Fragment which combination will get a Brilliant Ice Prism, that contains the best prizes. The level 10 snowball cannot break.

    Should the snowball breaks on a previous step, you will receive a Snowflake Crystal or a consolation prize and a Snowflake Crystal (only possible within step 1 to 7, above step 7 you will get a guaranteed reward). If you collect 10 Snowflake Crystals, you can exchanges them at a NPC in the capital cities Sanctum or Pandaemonium for a new snowball.

    The following rewards can be obtained through the snowballs if they break:


    Level 1 - 5, Snowflake Crystal + possibly Consolation prize
    icon 182007148

    Possible consolation prizes (one of them):
    • icon 160010202
    • icon 160010197
    • *icon 188050004 // *icon 188050007
    • icon 186000399
    • icon 186000143
    • icon 186000243
    • icon 166000195

    Level 6 and 7, Snowflake Crystal + possibly Bundle
    icon 182007148

    icon 188052996

    Possible bundle content (one of them):
    • icon 186000409
    • icon 188053610
    • icon 188052822
    • icon 166100020
    • icon 166100023

    Level 8, Bundle
    icon 188052997

    Possible bundle content (one of them):
    • icon 188053695
    • icon 188053113
    • icon 188053714
    • icon 166500005
    • icon 166030007

    Level 9, Bundle
    icon 188052998

    Possible bundle content (one of them):
    • icon 188051879
    • icon 188052388
    • icon 188053000
    • icon 188053903

    Level 10, First prize
    icon 188100148
    icon 188100149

    icon 188052999

    Possible prism content (one of them):
    • icon 188053100
    • icon 188053007
    • icon 188053006
    • **icon 188054260

    *Content Solorius Stocking

    • icon 169231091
    • icon 169231092
    • icon 169231093
    • icon 169231094
    • icon 169231095
    • icon 169231096

    ** Content Ride Box of Conquest

    • icon 190100139
    • icon 190100164
    • icon 190100146
    • icon 190100150
    • icon 190100072

    We wish you a lot of fun on our server further on!
    your Beyond Aion Team

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