The Shugo Emperor's Vault

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  • Dear Community!
    Daevas have helped Shugos in the past to keep raiders out of the Shugo Imperial Tomb, but now intruders have found their way into the Emperor’s Vault and they intend to rob the vault of everything it has! It is up to you, Daevas, to kick the intruders in the period from 19.04. to 02.05.2021 out and the Shugos will reward you with a cut of their treasure!
    Shugo Emperor's Vault does share a thematic background with the Shugo Imperial Tomb, but it's a whole new adventure featuring new skills and requiring a completely new strategy!

    How to participate
    The instance is for groups of three, and all members must be at least level 40 to enter. When you enter the instance, you and your party members will choose which Ancient Elite Shugo Warrior to transform into. Choose from Brave Templarerk’s Soul, Furious Gladiatorerk’s Soul and Roiling Sorcererk’s Soul. Each class will have five preassigned skills at their disposal when going through the instance.

    Your group will have eight minutes to fight and clear as many mobs as you can. Each mob contributes to a points total and your final score will determine your rank. Each rank provides a certain number of keys to each group member, which are then used to open treasure boxes in the Vault!
    This Instace is limited with 2 runs each day, but you can do more than 2 runs when you go through some dungeons and get a Reset Scroll!


    Beshmundir Templeicon 188600311
    Sauro Supply Baseicon 188600311
    Illuminary Obeliskicon 188600311

    After your eight minutes are up and you’ve received your rank and keys, speak to the Vault Keeper who will transport each group member to their own private treasure chest room. Emperor's Treasure Box require key, the Emperor's Quality Treasure Box three and the Emperor's Premium Treasure Box need five keys.

    possible rewards

    Emperor's Treasure Boxicon 186000237
    icon 186000238
    icon 164002235
    icon 164002236
    icon 164002237
    icon 160010158 // icon 160010159
    Exclusive Itemsicon 186000051
    icon 169620110
    icon 169620067
    icon 169620079
    icon 166000195
    icon 188053636
    Emperor's Quality Treasure Boxicon 186000237
    icon 186000238
    icon 164002235
    icon 164002236
    icon 164002237
    icon 188053636
    Exclusive Itemsicon 186000051
    icon 188052297
    icon 188052761
    icon 188053667
    icon 166020000
    icon 166030005
    Emperor's Premium Treasure Boxicon 186000237
    icon 186000399
    icon 164002235
    icon 164002236
    icon 164002237
    icon 186000051
    Exclusive Itemsicon 188052761
    icon 110900876
    icon 166200014
    icon 166200013
    icon 166500002
    icon 188053666
    icon 188950019
    icon 188950017
    icon [item: 188052936]


    icon 166200009
    icon 166200010
    icon 123001493
    icon 120015047
    icon 121001450
    icon 122001730
    icon 120015046
    icon 121001449
    icon 122001731
    icon 123001494
    icon 125004326
    icon 125004325
    icon 125004324
    icon 125004327
    icon 188053995 (selectable)

    Relics Exchange
    Before you leave the instance, you have the option of exchanging your AP relics from the instance with Raynerk and Marinerk. Or you can hold on to them and exchange them later if you like! The exchange rate is comparable to the best rates available in game!

    1. When playing as the Templar, you have a heal skill that can be used on any party member.
    2. Cooperation is key to conquering the instance. Try to set up a skill rotation with your fellow players to most effectively defeat the monsters.
    3. Some skills have synergistic effects. For example, the Gladiator has an AoE knockup skill that allows the Sorceror to use an ability that deals tons of damage.
    4. Some rewards are exclusive to certain boxes, so make sure to open those if you are after a certain item.
    5. Take advantage of the healing pad in the instance to regain your health before fighting more intruders.
    We wish you much success and fun with the event!

    Best regards
    your Beyond Aion Team

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