Aion's Report #4

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  • Hello community!

    The last report was a long time ago and so we would like to give you an update on everything that is currently happening.

    First the bad news: In the last few months we were unfortunately so busy with our day-to-day business and bug fixing that some changes and implementation were delayed.
    But we can inform you that this is currently changing and that we are gaining momentum. Not least because of a few changes within the team,
    some of which you may notice on support tickets and in the forum, or have already made them.
    So we work off the backlog continuously and so we finally have the thread on hacking published for you, which was requested in our last Q&A.

    We are also taking your feedback recently to heart and are taking more drastic steps again!
    This also means increased monitoring of all public channels. And you can only do that with your eyes open, so we won't turn a blind eye anymore.
    The conflicts among each other and the bad impression on newcomers not only damage the community, but also result in a long rat-tail, which
    gives us unnecessary and particularly time-consuming work in many places.
    Even if it's just spam somewhere in the forum: Every minute we put into reading, moderation and statements delays bug fixes, implementations or the processing of support requests.
    So we hope that this will result in improvements on several fronts.

    At the same time, it was also decided to temporarily deactivate the shoutbox until after Easter. This enables us to adequately monitor the
    remaining areas in the meantime. And should it not have calmed down anyway after reactivation, we fight the cause, not the effect.

    As an aside, it should be mentioned that in a recent spring cleaning, among other things, the trading area was removed from the forum. We have never supported account and character trading and therefore only allow trading offers in-game and to a strictly regulated extent in accordance with our terms of use. Any moderation effort, as well as support inquiries on the topic, are another point that costs us valuable time. Therefore, we have and will make adjustments here too in order to reduce this to a minimum.

    As you may notice, these few problems are all intertwined and have multiple effects at once. It is therefore all the more important that you take them as seriously as we do and also try to counteract them with the means available to you. Where our influence ends, your influence
    For example, we can only punish rule violations, but you can even prevent them. It is often enough to refrain from provocation or not to respond to one.
    You can also promote player numbers and PvP faster and to a greater extent than we do, for example by welcoming and supporting newcomers. The best starter package is of no use if you feel left out.
    We also have a few ideas for PvP, but unfortunately they're not ripe for a decision yet.

    We hope this Aion's Report will give you some thought and rethinking. And at the same time we look forward to the changes that we will gradually bring to you.

    Best regards,
    your Beyond Aion server management

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