Faction package for new Elyos

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  • Dear Community!

    Since the faction ratio doesn't quite balance itself out on its own, we're activating our popular faction package again from today!

    New Elyos players from 14.09.2020 will automatically receive the following items once they have reached level 65 (only this one character):
    • 500x icon 186000236
    • 250x icon 162002030
    • 100x icon 162000023
    • 50x icon 166000195
    • 1x icon 169630007
    • 5x icon 188053526
    Of course, the Bonus package remains unaffected and will continue to be distributed to both factions.
    The faction package will be activated until the faction ratio has been sustainably balanced.

    Best regards
    your Beyond Aion Team

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