Aion's Report #1

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  • Hello everyone!

    At the moment, the mood surrounding the development of our player numbers and balancing is extremely hot again. In some cases, it escalates and we have considered how we can defuse the situation and at the same time address a major point of criticism of us as the management.

    In order to improve our often lacking transparency in the future and to address current issues, we hereby start Aion's Report, issue No. 1. In this report we will regularly announce various things. For example, what concerns us right now or plans for the future. But it can also only serve to draw attention to something, such as features that have been forgotten or a reminder of our rules.
    "Regularly" is not firmly defined and is dependent on noteworthy things that have not been announced anywhere else yet.

    Community - with or against each other?
    Apparently we have to remind you again that everyone has to treat each other with respect and friendliness. This is by no means to be understood as "please" since it's firmly anchored in our terms of use for a reason. Nobody has to pretend something, but we expect every member of the community to have topic-related and factual communication. In certain places, the forum is more like a battlefield or theater of war for private matters and not a platform for constructive and solution-oriented exchange. A substantial part of the contributions overflows with resentment, selfishness, know-it-all and unnecessary provocation.
    Venting your frustration this way does not help anyone, quite the opposite. Driving players away by this in the end hurts us all equally.

    Help, the server is dying!
    Of course, we can partly understand some (over)reactions. However, there is rarely only one cause for fluctuating player numbers and activity. We have been running this server for five years now and are repeatedly struggling with problems such as listlessness, summer slump, winter slump, etc. So this is nothing new or unusual and many of you have understood this and are making constructive suggestions.

    Some have lost it completely
    Others, on the other hand, make it easy for themselves by pointing the virtual finger at the team and shouting "shame" into the crowd and brazenly spreading untruths. So long and often until the last unbiased player believes it. But there is a serious difference between expression of opinion and factual assertion.

    Here are some statements that we often read or hear:
    • The team doesn't care about it
    • The team is Pro Asmo/Elyos
    • The server will close soon
    • and more
    This is all nonsense and only false conclusion, hearsay or pure insinuation. In any case, it is server-damaging and comparable to a self-destruct button if you publicly denounce such claims.
    If we didn't care, we would not moderate the forum, provide daily support, install extensive updates or hold meetings, for example to discuss your suggestions. Then there's real life - this server is a hobby project! It should be clear why everything does not always go as quickly as we all want.
    We could now write a separate statement for each point and explain in detail why this is nonsense. But that would go beyond our message. Basically, if you think about it, you will see that all of it would create new problems that the team always has to pay for. We don't do that to ourselves, not even for money.

    What's next?
    We are trying to counteract with your help, just like in the past, and will announce the first steps to boost the activity soon. Regardless of ongoing player suggestions, we have of course also considered measures ourselves and incorporated discussions with you.
    If you are willing, you can participate significantly more in changing something than you suspect. Don't let provocations trigger you. Detect bullshit when you read or hear it and disprove it. Encourage others to play with you instead of waiting for something to happen. We speak from experience when we say: player growth can happen just as quickly as player loss.

    We hope you enjoyed Aion's Report No. 1, even if the reason for it wasn't a nice one. But as so often, good things emerge from crises, so here too and in the next issue we will probably have more good news to report.

    Beyond Aion Servermanagement

    PS: Do you have burning questions about Beyond Aion? Provide them to us by 1st of July here and we will answer them officially afterwards. If this format is well received, we would like to repeat it at regular intervals and thus continuously expand the catalog of questions and answers.

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