Spring events

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  • Dear community,

    we have already experienced the first rays of sunshine, spring is coming and now Easter is just around the corner again. So we planned some events for you and want to introduce them to you:

    Boiling Point Event
    You will like this soup

    Spring is also coming to Atreia and it seems to be getting warmer, but we'll still have a few cooler days. So how about some hearty chowder to warm you up? Mendrunerk is back once again with his famous mystic chowder, and he needs the help of all Daevas find the missing ingredients.
    From March 27th, 2020 to April 5th, 2020 you will be able to find him and his cauldron in the capital cities, where he will be eagerly awaiting the ingredients you bring him. If you don’t have enough ingredients for his chowder, he will gladly exchange your left over ingredients for some Superior Recovery Potions!

    Part One: Mystic Chowder (for level 21+)
    When you defeat instance bosses in Linkgate Foundry, The Hexway and Idgel Dome and the creatures in Hanarkand and Mitrakand, steal the chowder ingredients for Mendrunerk. The following items need to be collected: [Event] Fleischbrühe and [Event] Reiskuchen

    Part Two: Bone Broth & Rolled Dumplings (for level 21+)
    If you have extra Bone Broth or Rolled Dumplings, Mendrunerk will happily trade you Superior Recovery Potions for the spare ingredients.

    Give 1x Item Icon186000388 and 4x Item Icon186000387 to get 1x Item Icon188053185. Give the soup a chance and get a taste of the rewards here:

    possible rewards

    • Item Icon166020000
    • Item Icon166500002
    • Item Icon162000107
    • Item Icon169620067
    • Item Icon186000237
    • Item Icon186000051
    • Item Icon188053295
    • Item Icon188053624
    • Item Icon188053610
    • Item Icon166200010
    • Item Icon190100139
    • Item Icon162000124
    • Item Icon187060177
    • Item Icon164002238
    • Item Icon162000141
    • Item Icon188053618
    • Item Icon166200009
    • Item Icon188950017
    • Item Icon186000238
    • Item Icon165020015
    • Item Icon166030005
    • Item Icon188052075

    Item Icon102100522
    Item Icon100200702
    Item Icon100900591
    Item Icon102000601
    Item Icon100500602
    Item Icon101700620
    Item Icon101800575
    Item Icon101300564
    Item Icon101500605
    Item Icon100000768
    Item Icon100600636
    Item Icon100100581

    • Item Icon188052914

    Item Icon160010298 // Item Icon160010300
    Item Icon160010301 // Item Icon160010302
    Item Icon160010297 // Item Icon160010299

    • Item Icon188053453

    3x Item Icon160001308 // Item Icon160002306
    5x Item Icon164000118 // Item Icon164000122
    5x Item Icon164000126 // Item Icon164000130
    3x Item Icon164000260
    3x Item Icon164000259

    Kill Collector
    Period: March 27th, 2020 to April 19th, 2020

    This event is similar to the well-known feature Bounty Hunting. The two differences are that you don't get all x kills randomly one reward from a list, but once for the x-th kill a defined reward and the time limit for the kills.
    Of course, when certain kills are achieved, the rewards increase from time to time and vary at certain 'stopovers'.


    25 Kills10x Item Icon186000051
    50 Kills5x Item Icon188053610
    75 Kills5x Item Icon186000242
    100 Kills5x Item Icon166030005
    125 Kills10x Item Icon186000051
    150 Kills5x Item Icon188053610
    175 Kills5x Item Icon186000242
    200 Kills1x Item Icon188051709
    225 Kills10x Item Icon186000051
    250 Kills5x Item Icon166500002
    275 Kills5x Item Icon188053610
    300 Kills15x Item Icon186000242
    325 Kills10x Item Icon186000051
    350 Kills5x Item Icon166030005
    375 Kills5x Item Icon188053610
    400 Kills1x Item Icon188051710
    450 Kills5x Item Icon186000242
    500 Kills10x Item Icon166500002
    550 Kills5x Item Icon188053610
    600 Kills1x Item Icon188053646
    650 Kills10x Item Icon166030005
    700 Kills10x Item Icon186000051
    750 Kills5x Item Icon188053610
    800 Kills1x Item Icon188053366 // Item Icon188053364

    Item Icon188051709 contains:


    Item Icon111101580
    Item Icon113101592
    Item Icon112101530
    Item Icon114101626
    Item Icon110101755

    Item Icon114301758
    Item Icon113301721
    Item Icon110301752
    Item Icon112301629
    Item Icon111301690

    Item Icon114501672
    Item Icon113501662
    Item Icon111501644
    Item Icon110551085
    Item Icon112501583

    Item Icon110601550
    Item Icon111601513
    Item Icon113601496
    Item Icon114601503
    Item Icon112601495

    Item Icon188051710 contains:


    Item Icon125003996
    Item Icon125003997
    Item Icon125003998
    Item Icon125003995

    Item Icon123001419
    Item Icon123001420

    Item Icon120001502
    Item Icon120001501

    Item Icon121001373
    Item Icon121001374

    Item Icon122001643
    Item Icon122001642

    One more note: Every kill counts...also the group kills :thumbsup:

    The Legendary Symphony
    Here is playing the music

    The musicians Allegro and Sonatine in Sanctum and Pandaemonium are looking for the Sheet Music of the legendary symphony, considered the most important piece of musical heritage in all of Atreia. From April 10th, 2020 to April 19th, 2020 you must help them to gather the parts. You need collect the individual sheets of music and the epilogue at the garrison mobs in Levinshor. In each area (North - East - South - West) you find only one type of the sheets and at the central base you can drop the epilogue - this means you can farm each type targeted.

    You need to collect:
    • Item Icon188100252
    • Item Icon188100253
    • Item Icon188100254
    • Item Icon188100255
    • Item Icon188100256
    These five items together will produce the Item Icon182007170.

    In exchange for this item, you can get the following prizes:

    Prize Overview

    • Item Icon188053295
    • Item Icon186000199
    • Item Icon186000236
    • Item Icon188053618
    • Item Icon168310018
    • Item Icon186000399
    • Item Icon188950019
    • Item Icon188053113
    • Item Icon186000247

    You can get a list with all possible prizes and their respective IDs by typing .symphony in the chat and you can exchange the amount of copies against the reward with .symphony <ID>. In addition, you can exchange the Sheet Music randomly into each other with 8 different quests. With luck, one directly obtains the copy.

    We hope you enjoy these events!

    Best regards
    your Beyond Aion Team

    PS: More events will soon be presented in a separate news or forum thread #WeStayAtHome

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