Valentine's Week

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  • Hello Daevas,

    since Valentine's Day is coming nearer, we want to introduce our Valentine's Week!

    on February, 14th until February, 23rd
    you can collect the following event drops:

    Item Icon188100091
    Item Icon188100092
    Item Icon188100093
    Item Icon188100094

    Every piece can be found at a different area. We've seen them drop in solo instances and in Kaldor, as well as on the PvPvE map and in Levinshor.

    Once you have four matching pieces, you can combine them to a complete heart. This heart rewards you with one of the following items:
    • Item Icon160010338
    • Item Icon160010208
    • Item Icon162002001
    • Item Icon166020000
    • Item Icon187060176
    • Item Icon186000051
    • Item Icon190100139
    • Item Icon166200009
    • Item Icon160010337
    • Item Icon164002143
    • Item Icon188053610
    • Item Icon186000238
    • Item Icon166030005
    • Item Icon160010111 // Item Icon160010112
    • Item Icon188053099
    • Item Icon165020014
    • Item Icon188950019
    • Item Icon188053618
    • Item Icon166500002
    • Item Icon164000122
    • Item Icon187050031
    • Item Icon168310018
    • Item Icon164002269
    • Item Icon169620072
    • Item Icon169610093
    • Item Icon164000118
    • Item Icon188053295
    • Item Icon188053614
    Best regards
    your Beyond Aion Team

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