Happy Birthday!

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  • Beyond Aion celebrates its fourth birthday

    On November 15th, 2019 we celebrate our 4th birthday and can look back on an eventful year. Player numbers have waved as always. From a few main players, a few more and at the moment rather few. That may have different reasons and none of them can absolutely be assigned to anyone - what would it change. Nevertheless, we are happy about the current regular players, returnees and especially about those who want to continue together with us. For us it is clear that we want to continue to be there for you!

    For that purpose we prepared special events for you:

    Birthday event

    Over the year there were always possibilities for you unknowingly to receive bonus points, which we have paid into a kind of purse. And as a thank you for everything we wanted to celebrate a party with you on our birthday. But we have only one problem...we were stolen the paid bonus coins! The coins were taken by evil creatures. So we need your help to get them back. Don't worry we already know who took the coins - all mobs in Kaldor and the bosses of the instances Occupied Rentus Base, Linkgate Foundry and Raksang Ruins. You can be sure that each one carries a icon 186000344 and each boss 40 pieces, but the time is limited! So you have the chance to collect them during the period from 15.11 to 01.12.2019. After that those thieves squandered everything.

    Of course you should be well rewarded for your help. We have prepared a gift list from which you can choose as many as your number of coins allow via .trade after the event.

    Good luck and thank you for your help!

    And here's a special tip: You can get 20% drop and 100% experience buffs throughout the whole event period! How? Inspect the cake in the capital and find out!

    Item Mall Events

    Item Mall Lottery: Among all players who purchase Nex in November, we select a random winner. The winner will get the same amount of Nex as a gift on top

    Item Mall Bonus: During the period from the 15th November to the 17th November you will get 50% more Nex in our Item Mall

    Item Mall Gift: The three players with the highest number of event items can choose one thing as a gift from the Item Mall

    Now you play with a bonus!

    The following rate increases will be available:

    from 11.11. to 17.11.2019
    • EXP +100%
    • Quest-Kinah +100%
    from 18.11. to 24.11.2019
    • Droprates +25%
    • Gathering- and Crafting-EXP +50%
    from 25.11. to 01.12.2019
    • Gathering Count +100%
    • PvP-AP +100%

    We were notified that the Daeva masters of medicine are soon to arrive in the city for our birthday!

    From November 15th until the 01st December they will help you out with goods to move faster and safer through Atreia and the Abyss. They are stationed at medical camps in every bigger town up to Ingisson and Gelkmaros.
    Their inventory will be replenished on a daily basis, so don't hesitate to stop by whenever you feel like it.

    Have a lot of fun with the events,
    best regards
    your Beyond Aion Team

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