Server update July 19th, 2019 02:00 AM

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  • Following changes have been made:
    • AI
      • Fixed an visual issue, where the custom instance boss could hold an one-hand and two-hand weapon simultaneously
      • Fixed an issue, where the custom instance boss was not attackable after he used a hp/mp switch skill
      • Fixed an issue, where the custom instance boss inflicted disproportionate magical damage
    • Core
      • Fixed an issue, where Nochsana Training Camp could not be entered
      • Fixed an issue, where the artifact in the custom instance could be attacked early with a spirit masters pet
      • Fixed an issue, where the final result for the custom instance could be set twice
    • Misc
    • Client
      We now support the 64 bit client and have integrated our camera fix more deeply, which eliminates the need for Java and also the need for a background process. This should prevent occasional problems for new players and thus make it easier for them to start their journey on our server.
      If you also want to upgrade, you just have to re-download and run the patcher from our download page as usual.
      Upgrade notes:
      • The w10-aion-camera-fix.exe is no longer needed from now on (will be deleted automatically when patching) and should not be executed in parallel, as it can cause new camera issues.
      • If your bin64 directory is missing, please first install this package and then the patcher.
      • If you experience problems with the 64 bit client that the graphics settings can not be saved, follow this guide:
        1. Right-click on the system.cfg in the Aion main directory and open the properties.
        2. On the tab "Security" click on "Edit ...".
        3. In the list, mark the current Windows user (usually the last entry) and then tick the Allow checkbox on the "Full contol" line.
        4. Confirm with OK and repeat these steps for the SystemOptionGraphics.cfg.
    Hotfix 20.07.:
    • Fixed an issue, where you could not enter the character creation screen with the 64 bit client
    • Fixed an issue, where certain NPCs in the custom instance would not spawn
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    Beyond Aion Development

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