Server update April 19th, 2019 03:30 AM

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  • Following changes have been made:
    • Quests
      • Implemented missing random quest bonus types and fixed existing ones
    • Drops
      • Fixed incorrect courier pass drops in some instances
      • Increased the drop chance of level 70 composite manastone bundles in Mitrakand/Hanarkand
    • Skills
      • Fixed target conditions of some AoEs
    • Core
      • Increased the registration duration of broker items to 30 days
      • Changed the spawn time of volatile rifts on Saturday and Sunday to 5 PM (6 PM previously)
      • Fixed an issue, where the master crafting proficiency could not be obtained
      • The crafting upgrade window shows the crafting job now
      • Fixed an issue, where the reward window of Idgel Dome caused disconnects
      • Fixed an issue, where studio owners received a "Load fail" message when talking to foreign house butlers
      • Fixed an issue, where Dredgion spawn waves sometimes did not spawn correctly
      • Fixed an issue, where logging out sometimes caused a "Connection lost" message
      • Fixed an issue, where pvp kills did not count for group members kill quests
      • Reworked conqueror/protector system
        • Fixed an issue, where the rank was lost due to map switching
        • Fixed an issue, where both ranks were not independent
        • Fixed an issue, where the rank decreased due to death
        • Fixed an issue, where the buff icon was not correctly displayed
        • Removed remnants of the previous system
      • System optimizations
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