Server update February 25th, 2019, 12:00 PM

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  • Following changes have been made:
    • Quests
      • Doubled the output of icon 186000236 from weekly garrison quests in Levinshor
      • Reduced the count of legion kill quest repetitions for Tiamat and Hyperion
    • Items
    • Drops
      • Fixed an issue, where Ariana's Jewel Chest in Rentus Base contained the incorrect pora
      • Added missing crafting material drops for 'Crestlich' and 'Cellatu' NPCs in Inggison and Gelkmaros
    • Skills
      • Fixed an issue, where chargeable skills of physical classes or gunner and rider were not affected by attack speed
    • Spawns
      • Removed the 'Balaurea Teleporter' NPCs from Inggison and Gelkmaros sieges to avoid future misunderstandings
      • Fixed an issue, where an AP statue in Kysis Barracks were not attackable
      • Adjusted the spawn behavior of faction balance NPCs to avoid them spawning inside walls and gates (still not ideal)
    • AI
      • Fixed an issue, where NPC skills could not be used under certain circumstances
      • Added an initial cooldown to heals of balaur clerics
      • Increased the HP of Inggison's and Gelkmaros' siege bosses by 50%
      • Matched the HP of the second fortress gate of Inggison's and Gelkmaros' fortresses with the first gate
      • Fixed an issue, where empyrean avatar of Veille and Mastarius was interrupted due to incorrect range condition
    • Core
      • Fixed an issue, where some broker categories did not list items of their last subcategory
      • Fixed an issue, where NPCs could spawn invisible
      • Fixed an issue, where auto loot function of miols was incorrectly displayed after its respawn
      • Fixed an issue, where quest NPCs could spawn twice under certain circumstances
      • Fixed an issue, where quest loot objects immediately despawned if the player left the loot although items were still in it
      • Fixed an issue, where balaur could spawn under the map during dredgion assaults
      • Fixed an issue, where the enraged agents of Inggison and Gelkmaros could not spawn if their spawn conditions were met
      • Fixed an issue, where movement boosts were not activated or too late under some circumstances
      • Fixed an issue, where movement boosts were not correctly calculated under certain circumstances
      • Fixed an issue, where fear, teleportation or sprintskills could cause mapkicks
      • Fixed an issue, where NPCs could reward EXP twice
      • Fixed an issue, where reflect damage caused aggro
      • Added missing instance exits of 'Infernal Illuminary Obelisk', 'Kysis Barracks' and 'Miren Barracks'
      • Made a change to reduce the disconnection issue of some players
      • Increased the spawn chance of dredgion commanders during dredgion assaults
      • Further optimizations for player movement calculations
    • Timetable
      • Removed the upper abyss raid at Thursday
      • Volatile Rifts at Saturday and Sunday will now only spawn at 6 PM
      • Invasions at 9 PM will now spawn at 8 PM
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