Server update December 1st, 2018, 03:00 AM

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  • Following changes have been made:
    • Items
      • Fixed an issue, where casting of items was not interrupted by using skills. This fixes the possibility to get on a mount while being in stealth
    • Spawns
      • Added defensive towers at the respawn locations of the PvP map to prevent spawn camping
      • Removed merchants inside the Anoha Fortress while it's vulnerable
      • Fixed incorrect levels of some garrison NPCs of Anoha Fortress
      • Fixed incorrect spawns of invasion bosses in Reshanta
      • Fixed an issue, where Mastarius and Veille did not spawn if atleast one fortress of the respective map was occupied by balaur
      • Fixed an issue, where the orb which summons the portal to Stormwing in Beshmundir's Temple was difficult to interact
    • AI
      • Fixed an issue, where Vivels were spawned by some NPCs in Kromede's Trial
      • Fixed an issue, where the Nochsana Fortress Gate was not attackable
      • Fixed an issue, where static aetheric field generators during sieges reset immediately
      • Fixed an issue, where hero and legendary NPCs were affected by castspeed slow
      • Optimized stats and skill patterns of Ahserion
      • Defense cannons during Ahserion's Flight will not reset their HP anymore
    • Core
      • Increased the maximum level of rifts in low level areas to level 65
      • Fixed an issue, where players got disconnect while watching cutscenes or cinematics
      • Fixed an issue, where the influence were not updated if the fortress was reset to balaur
      • Reworked the dredgion assaults during sieges. Please consider this feature as beta version which needs additional finetuning after some live tests
        • Fixed an issue, where the chance of the assault was not calculated correctly
        • The amount, strength and period of incoming balaur and dredgion commanders will now mostly-dynamical calculated depending on available information about the defending faction
        • Implemented new skill pattern for all relevant balaur
        • Reduced the damage of Dragon Lord's Blade on the fortress boss
        • The strength of each balaur wave can be reduced by defeating dredgion commanders
        • The assault will end if the last possible dredgion commander was killed
        • There is no optical event of an approaching dredgion for the Anoha Fortress

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