Server update July 27th, 2018, 02:00 AM

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  • Following changes have been made:
    • Items
      • Fixed incorrect expiration times of certain items
      • Removed MP manastones from drops and decomposables except common (white) ones
    • Drops
      • Fixed an issue, where bosses of 'Lost Rentus Base' did not drop eternal equipment pieces
      • icon 166030005 added to world drop
      • Increased the chance for balaur souls and fluxes
      • Increased the chance for Lv70 composite manastone bundles from conquest NPCs
      • Increased the chance for rare consumables from PvP-Map bosses and PvP-Map special chest
      • Increased the chance for enchantment stones in Idian Depths
      • I.e. icon 188053692 can be looted by two players in a group now
    • Skills
      • Fixed an issue, where 'Transformation: Slayer' did not cancel hide state
    • Spawns
      • Fixed an issue, where certain NPCs in Levinshor got a too wide aggro range
      • Fixed/Correted spawns in 'Aquan Valley' of Enshar
      • Added missing teleporter inside the central base of Levinshor
    • AI
      • Fixed an issue, where certain adds did not despawn after Hyperion's death or despawn in 'Infinity Shard'
      • Added missing skill pattern for 'Aquan Valley' in Enshar
    • Core
      • Fixed an issue, where some crafting recipes where not craftable
      • Fixed an issue, where some purification recipes, i.e. mythic katalium extend, were not craftable
      • Implemented a change to reduce the amount of occuring disconnect
      • Permanently increased the crafting crit chance
      • Ahserion's Flight is limited to 24 players per faction for now. Please consider this for your future siege planing
      • Activated the summer event
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