Server update March 21, 2016, 4:00 AM

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  • The following changes have been made:
    • Quests
    • Drops
      • Schriftrolle fixed
      • Added drops for the npc "Chaos-Skilex"
      • Skillbook drops in Empyrean Crucible now drop in the correct stage
    • Items
    • NPC-Spawns
    • AI
    • Skills
    • Core
      • Ausgang des Untergrunds von Katalan fixed
      • Die Arena der Disziplin fixed
      • Housing allgemein (Pernon) fixed
      • Mantor can now be run 3 times a day.
      • Fixed issues, where all player classes had some incorrect base stats, these match now retail values.
      • Fixed an issue, where PvP & PvE damage reductions/boosts didn't match the values of retail servers.
      • Fixed an issue, where off-hand stats were calculated incorrectly.
      • Fixed an issue, where magical damage / buff boosts where calculated incorrectly.
      • Fixed an issue, where you could get back into a territorial battle after death.
      • Fixed an issue, where the matchmaking for Panesterra would not teleport all players onto the map.
      • Fixed an issue, where you had to wait 20 seconds after creating a character before you could log it in.
      • Fixed an issue, where you would get an out of range error and could't attack your target after using a teleport skill, even if the target was in range.
      • Fixed an issue, where casting skills wouldn't be aborted if the target died.
      • Fixed an issue, where you could attack in confused state.
      • Fixed an issue, where bosses stopped casting skills (e.g. AoE's) if their target died.
      • Fixed an issue, where npcs would execute their initial attacks, even if they were already stunned or in other paralyzing states.
      • Fixed an issue, where npcs would instantly execute their first attack when getting aggro.
      • Fixed an issue, where incorrect rift announcements were sent.
      • Fixed an issue, where walking npcs would get stuck on reset or aggro.
      • Fixed an issue, where npcs wouldn't stop their attack on despawn.
      • Fixed an issue, where critical damage would be calculated incorrectly for attacks without weapons or for npcs.
      • Fixed an issue, where incorrect accuracy values were used for some calculations.
      • Fixed an issue, where physical damage and magical auto-attack damage was too high.
      • Fixed an issue, where player death messages were sent two times.
      • Optimizations for PvP death messages.
      • Optimizations for auto-attacking while running.
      • Optimizations for updating the targets of other players and npcs.
      • Optimizations for attack ranges.
      • Optimizations for npc death events.
      • Optimizations for die Spielersuche vorgenommen.
      • Optimizations for die NSC-Suche vorgenommen, wodurch nun immer der nächstgefundene NPC angezeigt wird.
      • Optimizations for Kettenfertigkeiten vorgenommen.
      • Modified the calculation for servant attacks.
      • Added a system message for interrupting player skills
      • Improved the teleport system to eliminate errors when dying and visual bugs like temporary disappearing npcs.
      • Other general optimizations have been made.
    • Bigger changes
      • Hard-mode for Danuar Sanctuary has been implemented.
      • The instance "Seized Danuar Sanctuary" has been fully implemented
      • The system for icon 186000238 has been fully implemented. Monsters which can drop these are found in Gelkmaros and Inggison. After their death a portal can appear which teleports you to another spawn location.
      • The Pet system has been overhauled, which improves and fixes various things (see Miols fixed). This also fixes some issues with players in hide.
    • Custom
      • Removed the restrictions for accepting and completing village quests.
      • icon 186000238 has an increased drop count, compared to official servers.
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