March 20 - Fly to the Point

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    • March 20 - Fly to the Point

      We will host a "fly to the point" event on March 20 at 6pm.
      Participants will be moved on a mountain to various places and have to fly to the eventmaster.
      You can do this by: freefall, boost, hidden windstreams etc.
      The eventmaster will fly to a marked area, so it will be guaranteed that you can reach the area, too.
      Every player has three (3) attempts and has to land within five (5) meters from the eventmaster to be rewarded with the standard prize.
      You can also be rewarded with special prizes if you land within one (1) meter from the eventmaster.
      Our Eventmaster loves cuddling. (areyoukiddingme)

      Special prizes (choose one):
      icon 169610075
      icon 187060099
      icon 187060146
      icon 187060102
      icon 187060140
      icon 187060152

      best regards,
      your Beyond Aion-Team
    • Short information : Since we're hosting the event for both factions separately, the start time might differ for your faction.

      Elyos: 6pm
      Asmodians: 6:30pm, 7pm at the latest

      We'll start the next Event with the Asmodians first, to be fair.

      Thank you for your understanding. :)

      best regards,
      your Beyond Aion team
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