[Overview] Mail Attachment Approval sources

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  • [Overview] Mail Attachment Approval sources

    Hello community,

    here you can see all sources for mail attachment approvals (courier passes). This list can be adjusted or extended in the future.

    Dark Poeta48+Item Icon188950002
    Item Icon188950005
    Abyssal Splinter50+Item Icon188950002

    Item Icon188950005
    Esoterrace50+Item Icon188950003
    Taloc's Hollow51+Item Icon188950003
    Udas Temple51+Item Icon188950003
    Lower Udas Temple51+Item Icon188950003
    Beshmundir's Temple53+Item Icon188950006
    Padmarashka's Cave55+Item Icon188950006
    Rentus Base57+Item Icon188950007
    Tiamat's Fortress57+Item Icon188950007
    Shattered Abyssal Splinter60+Item Icon188950007
    Mantor60+Item Icon188950015
    Tiamat's Hideout60+Item Icon188950018
    Krotan War Fortress61+Item Icon188950015
    Kysis War Fortress61+Item Icon188950015
    Miren War Fortress61+Item Icon188950015
    Rune Tribe Refuge63+Item Icon188950015
    Jormungand's Bridge63+Item Icon188950015
    Baruna Research Laboratory65+Item Icon188950015
    Rune Shield Tower65+Item Icon188950015
    Rune Shield Tower (heroic)65+Item Icon188950019
    Runadium65+Item Icon188950015
    Runadium (heroic)65+Item Icon188950019
    Lost Rentus Base65+Item Icon188950015
    Lost Refuge65+Item Icon188950015
    Sauro War Depot65+Item Icon188950015
    Corridor of Betrayal (Custom Lv65)55+Item Icon188950015
    Katalamize65+Item Icon188950019
    Tiamat's Hidden Space65+Item Icon188950019
    Makarna65+Item Icon188950019
    Steel Wall Bastion65+Item Icon188950019
    Sadha-Dredgion61-65Item Icon188950017
    Runatorium61-65Item Icon188950017
    Jormungand Marching Route61-65Item Icon188950017
    Kamar's Battlefield61-65Item Icon188950020
    Steel Wall Bastion Battlefield61-65Item Icon188950020

    Best regards,
    your Beyond Aion Team