Pinned [Collection] Suggestions for new items in the Item Mall

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    • [Collection] Suggestions for new items in the Item Mall

      Hello community!

      Here you can post your suggestions for new items in the Item Mall. Discussions and comments on suggestions should be kept to a minimum and will be deleted by us if necessary. You can find out when the Item Mall was updated and with which items in the Update News for the Item Mall.

      Please note that no items with stats or those that can be earned ingame will be included in the Item Mall. We decide on exceptions in individual cases.
      In addition, for the sake of clarity, you should all stick to a certain format by posting the item IDs in the [aion]<Item-ID>[/aion] (or via the A-icon in the toolbar). The result then looks uniform and makes our work much easier.

      Thank you and have fun on our server!

      Best regards
      your Beyond Aion Team
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