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    • Stigma Changes

      Hi i got suggestion to make stigma bag drops for class (prefferable select) decide rather then getting random class at all.

      Maybe add stigma bags for class in item mall for 19 nex or so (and make maybe so people cant go past +4 with this to upgrade they need farm for +6 regardless and make it hard to get +6)

      The rate of enchant ratio should be increased to +4 (alot failed +3 > +4 especially green normal ones fabled are way easier?)

      I feel like there is difference enchanting the important stigma for any class and a random PVE stigma way easier to enchant without failing.

      Maybe add enhancement stigma stones (to upgrade rather getting stigma it self maybe?) because some stigma are allready hard to get

      Reason why i write this because i failed 10 stigma's +4 without any luck GREEN/BLUE heroic in a row while FABLED goes normal past +4 .

      And farming stigma's pretty hard for ur specific class as solo player or frends.

      We are with limited people on server

      Greetings berserkhealer

      New edit: stigma bags should be restricted to ur class whatever u are on and maybe make stigma bags tradeabe so everyone can sell for reasonable prices.

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    • like being said above, stigma bags drop good, i even feel like thy drop a bit better in low level areas when you nearly have the same level. (.noexp n than just farm low level places noone do rifts on the low level maps so you shouldnt get interrupted (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧)

      also the underground of katalam is a pve place good for farming kinah + stigma (and my prefereed place to farm evolution stones and powerfull enchantements stones (✿^‿^)

      Temura ʕ(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧
      Bei mir spalten sich die Geister in 4 Elemente! Q_O

    • We talked about this suggestion and decided against it. We don't see a general issue here, which is reflected by the activity in this thread. But we still might consider something like stigma enchant rate events in the future.

      Best regards
      your Beyond Aion Team
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