Error: bin32\AION.bin doesn't exist

  • Issue with the client

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  • Error: bin32\AION.bin doesn't exist

    I just downloaded and installed on a new computer. I am not able to open the game; I run the desktop shortcut as administrator and get an error that says "Error: bin32\AION.bin doesn't exist. Please reinstall your client." I have reinstalled the client, and I have looked through the forums already but I can't find a solution :( I looked through the folder where I installed everything and bin32\AION.bin is there?? Please help
    If I just double click the shortcut without running as administrator I get an error that says "Error: The registry fix could not be applied. Please double-click on F:\BeyondAion\w10-aion-start-fix.reg and start the game again." I clicked on the file but it still gives me an error.
  • Running the shortcut as an administrator neither helps nor is supposed to work and we always wonder why people think it should. :huh:
    Which error do you get when double clicking the registry fix? What is the output when entering reg query "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.bin" in a cmd window?
  • When double clicking the registry fix, the error says "Adding information can unintentionally change or delete values and cause components to stop working correctly. If you do not trust the source, do not add it to the registry. Are you sure you want to continue?" I click yes and it says "cannot import F:BeyondAion\w10-aion-start-fix.reg: Not all data was successfully written to the registry. Some keys are open by the system of other processes, or you have insufficient privileges to perform this operation." (the same thing happens when I just double click the desktop shortcut)

    When I do the cmd window thing it says "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.bin
    NoOpen REG_SZ


  • Hello I have the same problem with all the previous texts, although I add the patch to the list of exclusions and the folder where I install the aion, I still have the problem and I cannot play help pleaseI already downloaded the patch again it does not work, turn off the antivirus and it does not work, install the log file that comes in the patch, that is if it was installedwhen I try to reinstall the client tells me that part 1 is missing and it stays at 99% but I have all the
  • Could you please take a video or screenshots of the the path you specify in the patcher, as well as a screenshot of the content of your aion directory and the content of the directory where you downloaded all installer files to?
    The issue in this thread was fixed and I suspect a different problem on your machine.
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