I didn't get my iShop items

  • Issue with account or website

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  • Good afternoon,

    the following information is given for every purchase you make in our Item Mall:

    Attention: The purchased items are sent manually by the team! We ask for your understanding that it may take up to 24 hours before you receive your item.
    Therefore it is possible that the items have already been send to you and you did not receive them due to the fact that you have not been logged in long enough. Please log in for at least 10 mins as this is the time it may take until the purchased items arrive.

    Best regards
  • Hi,

    A friend of me bought a level max pack on the item shop more than 2 days ago, he stayed online, but he didn t receive anything yet..

    I know in the site it s said that it can take 24h but here it s more than 2 days, he can t play since he s waiting for his ticket to get lv65.

    Just wanted to transmit his words since he can t make a ticket right now.

    Ps: His name ingame is Druss

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