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    • Helping hand Elyos/Asmo's

      I don't know if this topic has been suggested or even if it is possible. I was wondering if it is ok for Folks to have and Eylos account and a Asmo account ? If yes then is it possible to set up times where maybe once a week or twice a week both sides use one races account and conquer main fortresses that are very hard to take with the number of players on each side when divided, combined from what I see in chat window when folks are Pvping there would be awesome take downs of like Devine Fortress.
      then next week everyone would switch to other account to help other side. This would really help in getting items and designs that would be almost impossible to get . Btw: it would help folks to get to know one another and when you don't have enough people to do an instance you can always change to other account and ask someone you like to play with or have a hard time killing :) for their help.
    • Yeah, you can on the official servers, but seems to be different here, if you read the ToS it says you may only play one race within the same household (something like that), up to three accounts I think, bah I should check it again.

      Sounds like a way to avoid AP feeding. Seems reasonable.
    • Yes it states you can have 3 accounts but only play one race in a household at a time, I can't remember what it is called where folks had 2 accounts and would start them up and one would kill the other for AP, they had a name for it. BUT as small a population as Beyond Aion has I believe the GM's could catch folks cheating and that is what it would be CHEATING
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