Getting disconnected

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  • Getting disconnected

    My wife has gotten disconnected many times in the past but the last 2 days she has got disconnected and when she reconnected she has died and has had to pay a soul sickness fee. One time she was in Oriel and her Nimble space glider on a road, this time she was in Inggison Fortress walking across area in front of teleporter. Please help.
  • Was she walking uphill? I guess she got a map kick and actually died after relogging (falling into the deep void). If you lose connection while moving, you continue to move in the same direction for some seconds. In that moment there's no collision checking anymore and therefore you can happen to get logged out below the map ground.
  • There's only one thing you can do to avoid this, but it's not a solution everyone likes. If you use left mouse click to let the character move to a destination point, a DC should not result in a map kick.
    We may be able to fix this on server side, but I cannot promise anything.

    Edit: Fixed the mapkick issue, though nothing we can do about connection loss.

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