Suggested Housing Issues

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    • Suggested Housing Issues

      I have always enjoyed the housing aspect of Aion and really enjoy this version. That said, there are some issues I hope will be given some consideration:
      After spending numerous hours going from village to village looking at different houses and furniture I was delighted to find a house that actually had a BREEZY KITCHEN SINK, BREEZY KITCHEN CUPBOARD and BREEZY KITCHEN DRAWER in it!!! There was also a Breezy Tea Set. Can you please add those items to your Item Mall?? I've spoken previously to a GM in this game that suggested that the furniture may be called AUTUMN instead of Breezy. Also, is there a refrigerator item that could be included. Thank you so much for any consideration you may give this request.
    • We briefly discussed this proposal at our last meeting and must reject it.
      As Seishin already wrote and you also got in a chat with the support, these items are those that were implemented with a recent patch and thus are not present in our client.

      Best regards
      your Beyond Aion Team
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