Auction House Time Limit

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    • Auction House Time Limit

      Can the time an Item is left on the broker be extended to maybe 1 or 2 months? Only reason that is not enough players using AH and you just loose kinah if you put anything up for sale, maybe more items could sale then which might get people to craft and sale. Thank you in advance for reading
    • Good idea.

      Just joined today, Hello!

      Im just so done with official Aion... they actually managed to remove running scrolls and replace them with clown transformations and to look normal.. guess what.
      Pay again.

      However as i just got lvl 10. First thing i did was running to Broker to see how this server is actually doing.
      No economy usually means no players etc.

      Last time i joined private server i instantly quit when i saw empty broker.
      It just could be, that im not the only one.

      Its kinda sad, but im gon have my lonely journey now :D
      Ty for server!

      Anyways, there are tons of old Aion players who always complain how official Aion gets ruined over and over again.
      So why are private servers like this, also so under populated?
    • It's easy. Most of the players on the private servers are russians. Russians will refuse playing with 20+ ms, and to talk english (most of the time), theres some russian servers for you with over 2-3k player peak, still hf trying to decode those hieroglyph.
      Yeah and 4.6 is life, you know, 12 stigma system, and katalam zerg.
    • The Only way to make a server more populated is to stay and try to make it better. If you leave just because something isn't the way you want
      server stays empty. Enjoy what works and try to help fix what is broken. I wondered if people went to broker and bought, I saw there was
      hardly anything there, so I started crafting and putting things on broker hoping folks would look and buy, Good luck finding a place you are happy with!
      Or maybe stay and help make this Server a place where others come and stay
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