windows 10 v 1809 problem

  • Issue with the client

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  • windows 10 v 1809 problem

    Hy! ... I am using currently a W10 v 1809 on my desktop computer and a W10 v 1803 an my laptop. On my laptop the game starts and it's working just fine, but on the other half of my problem is I don't have a good graphical card on him. My question is: Do you have a patch / solution that can fix the client for W10 v 1809 users ?

    P.S. I already tried the solution from ""
    I can't rollback my w10 cause that option is available only 30 days from update was made
  • What do you mean by "the same problem", doesn't the game start? In that case you can refer him to my last post. Meaning he should download and execute the patcher. It should resolve any issues with an automatic registry fix for Windows 10. If that doesn't help or there's another problem, please describe it and maybe attach a screenshot.
  • Hello everyone!
    It's really exhausting and unnecessarily time-consuming if we do not get answers to our questions - we would like to help you, but you also have to work with us. At this point, I move the topic to the archive, because probably once again no further response can be expected :/

    Best regards
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