Xform function/ high ranks

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    • Xform function/ high ranks


      I recently joined the server and it happens to like it a lot. For me, xform is very important as it is one of the most fun parts of Aion. As I understand, the xform is disabled for the moment. I totally understand why you had to disable the xform for now; the difference between elyos and asmodians is huge in terms of high ranks numbers and also there needs to be a balance between the top ranks and the lower ones. I see few solutions to this problem, so that we can get the xform enabled again. They are as following:

      1. Either we get the Honour Points limit for the high ranks removed (as we need a certain minimum amount of HP for a certain rank); this way asmodians would have enough high ranks to balance the inter-races fights, even though most people would be high ranks because of the low population;
      2. We lower the amount of Honour Points required for each rank;
      3. And finally, which is less likely to be approved by everyone: asmodians get doubled Honour Points rewards for being the lower population, in order to balance the fights.

      I think we all agree that we should have the xform function back, but in order to be a fair fight there should be a counter-balance. There are sacrifices needed to be done in order for everyone to enjoy the game. Let's not be selfish and remember that Aion has 2 sides. Just because most people chose elyos side, it doesn't mean asmodians need to be destroyed completely at sieges/ map pvp; it's not our fault that we are less than elyos. Let's agree on the solution that needs to be implemented and get our Xform function back.
    • We have discussed these suggestions. I'm afraid we have to reject your suggestions. With the adjustments made so far, we believe that the balancing will gradually become more balanced and we do not want to try out any additional 'extras' at the moment. The last changes weren't so long ago and we have to see what effect they will have. But it's gonna take a little more time.

      Furthermore, we do not want to directly support a faction as a team, but always try to support both factions indirectly with our decisions. After all, we want to remain neutral. At the moment we will not implement any further adjustments. But we also never said that the Xform would not be reactivated. Once the balancing is okay again,, we become active here.
      This is not supposed to be a permanent condition, not even for long. We know how important this is to you.

      Best regards
      your Beyond Aion Team
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