[Solution] Problems under Windows 10 (camera movement & client start)

  • [Solution] Problems under Windows 10 (camera movement & client start)

    We could localize the problem with camera movement inside the operating system caused by the Fall Creators Update and develop a fix for it. Thanks again to Aion Legend, who gave us a tip.
    Disclaimer: Just like their fix, ours is protected too and only works with our client, so don't waste your time trying to mess with it. It's way faster to implement it by yourself.

    The fix is now included in our client as well as our client patch which you can download if you don't want to redownload your whole client. The fix requires Java, which will be requested to install upon starting the client (may require a system restart).
    From the next game start, a small cursor icon will appear at the bottom right of your tray bar, indicating that the fix is active:

    If it's not there, you can find it in the overflow menu, from which you can drag it into the visible area.

    Kind Regards
    your Beyond Aion Administration
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