All Skills Generate Aggro

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    • All Skills Generate Aggro

      all the skill generate aggro for himself....
      Threatening wave (templar)
      if u use whitout attack mob the mob attack the circle.....

      same thingh for:
      ice shit [sorcerer]
      all immobilization trap [ranger]
      all servant [cleric]

      every skill remain on the ground it's feel like a "mob"
    • thanks, now the aggro skills are all functional, however (please do not hate me XD) the change was also applied to the stigma vision of the cleric.
      summon taunting energy
      that skill had to work exactly like the others when they were buggy, ie create aggro for the skill itself
    • It was no Bug for Cleric Servants anyway. They've always been pulling Mob Aggro.
      Im still good with the changes, it only makes a slight difference.
      Damage = Base Spell Damage * ( Knowledge/100 + (MBoost-MSuppression)/1000 ) * pvp_modifier
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