To the asmodian people!

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    • To the asmodian people!

      Greetings Asmodians,

      Marchutans council has told us bad news.
      Two daevas, an elyos and asmodian have joined together against us!
      The asmodian has stolen information about our battle plans. Find and kill him before he can pass them on!
      We would be grateful if you kill the elyos spy on your mission, too.
      We are not willing to take any prisoners. Kill him or don't bother us.

      Here are some of his felonies:
      Treason: He has stolen information for our enemies
      Murder of our own people: He is responsible for the death of several soldiers
      Reduction of our defenses: He has undermined our defense bases

      Here's what we know so far:
      He will meet the elysian spy at 8pm near the Iron Wall Warfront.

      Move to the Iron Wall Warfront and kill them both!
      You will be rewarded generously for your efforts.
      But be warned: they are no usual Daevas. They are battle seasoned and stronger than an individual.
      In addition, our enemies may be there, too. Kill them all! Every fallen elyos is a good elyos.

      Hurry up! The meeting lasts only 20 minutes!

      To join or leave the map type:
      .pvp join
      .pvp leave

      There are no rules. You are allowed to use everything (except for cheats/hacks etc.)
      You won't be put into the event-mode.
      This means: You will lose and gain AP.
      You will respawn randomly on the PvP-Map.
      If you leave the PvP-Map you cannot reenter for ~5 minutes.
      The event ends after ~20minutes or with the death of both spies but you can continue the pvp.
      At 8:20 pm starts the 'finale': If one of the spies is not attacked anymore, he/she will escape.
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