Forum Quiz Part 1

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    • Forum Quiz Part 1

      Hello community!

      As announced beforehand, the first part of our Forum-Quiz starts now.

      You have the opportunity to answer the following questions and send your answers via private message here in our forums to MetiZ or Venla until Saturday, 16th April 2016, 20.00 / 8.00 p.m. (GMT+2). Please remember to tell us the name of your player character, who will receive the prizes, if your answers are correct.

      The three questions of this week are:

      What were the first creatures in Atreia?

      What exactly is Aether?

      What is the reason that the Tower of Eternity shattered?

      You can win the following prices, if you answer all questions correctly:

      for the fastest player:

      15 x icon 160005059
      5 x icon 160010121 or 5 x icon 160010122

      for the second fastest player:

      10 x icon 160005059
      3 x icon 160010121 or 3 x icon 160010122

      for everyone else:

      5 x icon 160005059

      There will be more difficult questions in the upcoming weeks, so you can win significantly higher prices.
      Participating and tracking is worth it!

      We wish you good luck and fun while solving!

      Best regards,
      your Beyond Aion Team
    • Good evening everyone!

      Here are the answers for the first part of our little forum Quiz.

      What were the first creatures in Atreia?

      The first creatures were the Draken.

      What exactly is the Aether?

      Aether is the power of God Aion, which is in all things and is everywhere. In this case, it is not enough to say that it is a manufacturing material.

      How did it happen that the Tower of Eternity shattered?

      During the Millenium War, the protective shield of the Tower of Eternity was lowered, so the Balaur used their chance and attacked the tower directly, which shattered.

      We wish you a nice evening,

      Your Beyond Aion Team
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