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  • What you need to do ASAP

    Ceridwan - - Beyond Aion


    Hey, My personal message to @3dee: Whilst being somewhat true @3dee s points about bugs on this server were made in such a way that it makes you look quite immature and naive. The thing is that you put your points in a condescending way like you are superior to all and that your view is the only one that matters since you got a lot of knowledge by playing the game for a long time. With this mindset don't be surprised at sudden outlashes of the community at you. Quote from 3dee: “P.S. i can bring…

  • I'll try that when i will play tomorrow. Thanks in advance Edit: Works just fine!

  • Hey there, I pretty much just started playing this server and am not too far in yet but for the last hours i had problems with my camera rotation not functioning properly. Whenever I try to rotate the camera with my right mouse button it gets super shaky almost as if my mouse wouldn't be working properly but everywhere else my mouse is fine. So that shouldn't be the problem. I can rotate the camera just fine with the "a" and "d" keys without any stuttering but as soon as i try to rotate with my …