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  • I find this superfluous as the medals are not the problem. Battle Medals can be collected quickly enough and making everything easier doesn't increase motivation either.

  • Trading issue

    Asada - - Core


    Both player just need to relog and the stuff is back. And this issue comes if the inventory of one player is full. That is what i know.

  • setting not save

    Asada - - Archived issues


    Just try to make two files in your game directory: 1. system.cfg 2. SystemOptionGraphics.cfg You don't need to write anything to the files. After that, your settings should be saved again.

  • Craft - little bit soft pls

    Asada - - Suggestions


    Honestly there are people here who have already tried over 100 and still try. It shouldn't be too easy to get these objects. And as far as farming is concerned, everyone has to do that too.